"The interaction is more important than the following"
"When the cities are empty, artists fill them with light again"
"I’ve always thought that honesty is a precept for any writing."
"I’m a very sensitive introvert with lots to say"
"It takes a lifetime to truly understand how the cultures and minorities we belong to make us who we are and carve our work."
"There's no point trying to get things perfect as there's no such thing as perfection."
"The images I take are almost a visual journal of where I go and who I see."
"Be willing to be quite shit at things initially but open to learning... Be a sponge. Be inquisitive!"
"I really am a melting pot and growing up I felt like I wasn't 'enough' to belong anywhere."
“...there's less of a box that we feel like we have to be in to keep people happy.”
"My formula of Learn, Discuss, Act is how I break away from political noise into political pragmatism."
"We, as queer people, certainly need more representation within black music - showing us as we are, not as the butt of the joke."